Victorian Vogue is proud to be a supporter of The Cridge Centre for the Family.  On November 23rd the Cridge Centre held very successful fund raiser event. After a delicious High Tea, we presented a fashion show with 24 outfits to the audience of over 200 guests.

We like to set the costumes into an event or time in history.  In honour of the Cridge Centre for the Family, we researched the Cridge family, and wove information about these early Victoria residents into the fashion show script.  The work of Edward and Mary Cridge laid the foundation for today’s Cridge Centre for the Family that has been providing hope and support for vulnerable people since 1873.

1855 dresses at the Cridge

The fashion show opened with these two amazing travelling suits, which were the fashion when Edward Cridge came to Fort Victoria as Chaplain in 1855.

Throughout the show we could hear that the audience was really engaged. Afterwards, we received the nicest compliments from the Organizer:

“With much heartfelt and grateful thanks, the Cridge and those of us on the executive team are feeling so blessed.  Your generosity and love for those in need of care has encompassed all our guests and hostesses and staff.  Excellence is what we’ve seen, and beauty is what we’ve experienced, touched with lessons in culture and history.  Grace, elegance and joy is how our minds will remember you all.  Thank you.  Thank you.”


We love to tailor fashion shows to specific events or themes.  It give us an opportunity to research Victorian traditions or the history of Victoria. We have even made new outfits for the event such as the 100 year anniversary of Vimy Ridge. For historical societies we can focus on specific costume details – fabric, colours, structure – that are important for making accurate historical reproductions.

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